Torque Release Technique

At Harvest Chiropractic, we utilize the Torque Release Technique and adjusting instrument called the Integrator. To learn about the many advantages of Torque Release Technique, please refer to the gallery below. By utilizing the Torque Release Technique and the Integrator, Dr. Kasi is able to better serve each patient that calls Harvest Chiropractic their Chiropractic home. Contact us today to get started under Neurologically-based Chiropractic Care.

“Torque Release Technique is based upon what [the founders of chiropractic] Drs. D.D. and B.J. Palmer intended - that we have innate and genetic potential and that the subluxation interferes with this expression. TRT is a tonal technique based on constant never ending improvement."

-Matthew McCoy, D.C.



An adjustment with an Integrator is delivered with the spine in a relaxed, neutral position with the consistent amount of force. Conversely, a traditional adjustment requires the spine to be stretched to a position of tension followed by a manual thrust by hand create a cavitation (The pop sound you hear).



When using an Integrator you can adjust the exact level in the spine that requires it, which is difficult with manual adjustments.



Why adjust where it hurts, when your neurology tells us exactly where to adjust? By addressing specific segments that need to be adjusted, Chiropractic can help your nervous system get back to healing and functioning the way it was created to.



The benefits of adjustments with an Integrator have been scientifically researched, creating so much success that this research has been published in major peer-reviewed medical journals.

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The Integrator holds several patents and is an FDA recognized instrument for the adjustment of the Vertebral Subluxations; only available to licensed Doctors of Chiropractic.



The way that the Integrator delivers an adjustment is very consistent and reliable so that the right amount of force and energy is transmitted on each and every adjustment, something that is almost impossible with manual adjustments.

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Not only can your bones shift out of alignment by rotating, but they can also tip. The Integrator allows a Chiropractor to adjust these misalignments as well.



Another one of the secret ingredients built into the Integrator is recoil. Recoil produces an elevated response from the body, while also creating a more comfortable adjustment for the patient.



To make up for it's small contact point compared to that of a Chiropractor's hand, the Integrator fires at 1/10,000 of a second, which is much faster than a human hand can thrust. While it is extremely fast, the shallow impulse allows the Integrator to provide a gentle, specific adjustment.