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Breast Milk- Thank Your Mom for Natural Immunity!

The wisdom of the body is the most marvelous thing in this world. Results from studies like these are amazing reminders that we were created to function optimally, heal fully, and live abundantly- not encumbered by the fear of disease, but empowered by the self-healing, and in this case, self-sustaining power of not only our bodies, but of those intricately linked to us.

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The Nervous System- Unlike Cable TV, We Can’t Cut This Cord

As we rely more and more heavily on wi-fi capability for work and entertainment, our nervous systems will always utilize “wired” technology with our brain, spinal cord, and all the nerves that carry messages to and from the brain intricately connected. Usually wired connections are faster than wireless ones, which is nice for our reflexes, especially when 10 deer decide to run in front and behind your car all at once! (Happened to me a few weeks ago, in broad daylight none-the-less)

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What if we maintained our health like we maintain our cars?

As I am sitting here writing this, I am watching as several folks come into a local car dealership, dropping off their vehicles for regular maintenance and tune-ups. Seeing this, it reminded me how much effort people put into maintaining things other than their health.

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