Staying Healthy on the Course

Happy golf season everyone!


Every year, the spectacle that is The Master’s golf tournament gets me in the mood for golf. That also means that after the first few rounds, there will be a lot of soreness to look forward to! It’s amazing how much a golf swing requires of your body, and you use a lot of muscles you don’t normally use in other activities.

So, what are some things to focus on before and after your round as we get back into golf season?

Before your round:

1)     When hitting the range before your round, you should start slowly. Take your time between each swing as your muscles warm and you start loosening up. Start with half-swings, move up to three-quarter swings, and then full. For me, I like to hit at least 20 balls moving up in intensity before I’m completing full swings.

2)     Now that you are warm from hitting balls, stretch! Great stretches include ones that highlight your shoulders, chest, and lats. But many people forget about lower body stretches, which are actually huge muscles when it comes to your golf swing! Keep your quads, hamstrings, and calves stretched to help your game and to help keep you safe while playing.

3)     One thing I like to do to specifically focus on loosening my body up, is using a weighted donut (Like for baseball bats, but they have some specifically for golf clubs). This helps activate muscles, and adds a little weight to my stretching exercises.

During your round:

1)     Make sure to stay hydrated. Although it may not seem like it, the golf swing is actually quite demanding on the body. For someone who shoots a 90, and takes two practice swings before each shot, that person is swinging around 300 times including range time! Most people are out on the course for over three and a half hours, and if it’s sunny this equals lots of fluid loss with sweating. Remember to drink plenty of water!

After your round:

1)     Stretch again. Cooling down your muscles is just as important as warming them up, and should help with muscle soreness in the days to come.

2)     Again, make sure to drink water to stay hydrated and to replenish water that you lost during the round. It may be a good idea to eat and get some electrolytes in your system right after your round as well.

These are just a few simple steps to follow to help your game, and keep you safe while playing. If you have any questions or topics you would like covered in future blogs, please email us at

Thanks for joining us for this blog, and we hope your near future is full of time on the course!


Yours in health,


Dr. Kasi Schroeder and the Harvest Chiropractic Team