Breast Milk- Thank Your Mom for Natural Immunity!

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Did you see the picture of the petri dishes with breast milk fending off bacteria on Facebook yet? If you haven’t, follow this link. For ease, I’ve included the picture with this blog post, but I recommend reading their original post.

The wisdom of the body is the most marvelous thing in this world. Results from studies like these are amazing reminders that we were created to function optimally, heal fully, and live abundantly- not encumbered by the fear of disease, but empowered by the self-healing, and in this case, self-sustaining power of not only our bodies, but of those intricately linked to us.

The research behind a mother-baby connection is simply astounding. There are studies about how a baby’s short-term and long-term health is affected by the amount of time away from their mother right after birth, how keeping the umbilical cord connected after birth until it’s done pulsating helps both mother and baby, etc, etc, etc.

In this case, it’s a simple study of placing a drop of breast milk in petri dishes and then growing a culture of harmful bacteria along with it. You can see an actual barrier between the droplet of breast milk and the bacterial culture. This is important, as a baby receives natural immunity through mom during pregnancy, but also through consuming breast milk and even saliva droplets from a mother’s kiss. All these things help build a child’s immunity!

Breast milk in and of itself is amazing- starting right before birth and into the first few days after a baby is born, the first breast milk is called colostrum, and contains high amounts of protein, is low in fat, and has an abundance of antibodies to help the baby’s immune system develop. It even helps the babies’ digestive system rid itself of meconium (first bowel movement, which can be an issue for some babies), which helps prevent jaundice! Next comes transitional breast milk and then mature breast milk. Both of these are important for the baby’s growth, development, and immune system function.

If your baby has a difficult time latching, or feeds only on one side, it is an indication of upper neck issues that can be helped by a Chiropractor. As you can see from our discussion above, a baby’s consumption of breast milk is vital for them to thrive and develop to their full potential. If you or someone you know has any issues with nursing or breastfeeding, we would appreciate the opportunity to serve both moms and babies through Neurologically-based Chiropractic care.

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