A cracked windshield and your health... more connected than you would think!

Hello Harvest family!


Let’s continue with our automobile theme that we started with last week. Sadly, this example came to mind at my own expense- I was driving on the interstate behind a truck and a rock flew up and nailed my windshield. While it didn’t do huge damage, there was a tiny ‘burst’ in the glass. I immediately stopped at an auto parts store to pick up some resin to repair the issue in hopes that the crack wouldn’t worsen over time.

Of course, I took this situation and made it into a health metaphor because it translates perfectly! No matter how annoyed I was in the moment by having to take the time and spend the money to fill the small defect, the $15 and 30 minutes I spent sounds way better than several hundred dollars and several hours waiting for my windshield to be replaced down the road.

The same thing can be said for our health. Many times, people start feeling pain or notice dysfunction, but wait for the issue to get bad enough where it becomes a disability before they seek help. This leads to more financial and time investment in the long run.

Instead of putting your health on the back-burner, I implore you to take control of your health. Dictate your health outcomes, don’t let your health dictate your future for you.

Until next time, push yourself to make the healthy choice- healthy food, plenty of exercise, and make sure to take care of your nervous system (Which we can help with!).

We would appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your family, and be a part of your health care team. If you would like to schedule an appointment, or have questions about how we can help you, please contact us at 608-318-3602, or browse our website for more information.


Yours in health,


Dr. Kasi Schroeder and the Harvest Chiropractic Team

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